Carl Bloch

“上帝帮助我–我就是这么想的,然后我就平静了。” 😇👿📿
这是丹麦学院派大师卡尔-布洛赫(1834 – 1890)1880年创作的《嘲弄基督》的宗教场景,描绘得极为自然。
作品表现了耶稣的俘虏之一–士兵用荆棘给耶稣戴上冠冕,并给他披上一件猩红的袍子来嘲笑 “犹太人的王 “的时刻。根据福音书的故事,这种嘲弄之后,又遭到了殴打。
令人惊讶的是,这幅宗教艺术作品既不在博物馆,也不在私人收藏中。它位于丹麦夏洛滕隆德的Ordrup Kirke真正的教堂中[对于19世纪重要艺术家的画作来说,这是一个相当罕见的案例]。

“God helps me – that’s what I think, and then I am calm.” 😇👿📿
This is an extremely naturally depicted religious scene of The Mocking of Christ, 1880 painted by Carl Bloch (1834 – 1890), the Academicism style master from Denmark.
The work shows the moment when a soldier, one of Jesus’s captors, mock the “King of the Jews” by crowning him with thorns and covering him with a scarlet robe. According to the Gospel story, this taunting was then followed by beatings.
“We found this man misleading our nation and forbidding us to give tribute to Caesar, and saying that he himself is Christ, a king.”
However, later they de-crown him and return him his own robe now mocking not Jesus per se, though rather the whole notion of kingship modeled on this world.
How true it is for us today?
Surprisingly, this piece of religious art is neither held in the museum nor in the private collection. It is located in the real church [which is a rather rare case for a 19th-century picture by an important artist] – Ordrup Kirke in Charlottenlund, Denmark.
👆 Bloch has reportedly painted another version of this picture which was only rediscovered several years ago and immediately bought to the collection of the Mormon-owned BYU Museum of Art in Provo, Utah, USA.

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